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This is a partial list of events; I am expecting to receive info on other events from some of the State Companies shortly. Contact persons: please check listings below and contact me if there any corrections, additions or deletions that need to be made. Please note: If you are interested in attending you must get in touch with the contact person listed under every event, as far in advance as possible. Events may be postponed or cancelled, and there may be accommodation issues, fees, etc. As one of our members has so aptly put it, its just plain polite to let someone know you will be joining them. Some State Companies, including North Carolina, have very extensive schedules and not all events and activities have been listed. If you are going to be in the area or planning a trip, you are encouraged to contact members of those Companies for their complete schedules. Send event info to: Roy Katz, rkatz10706@aol.com, (ph-w) 1-800-843-8746, 229 W. 36th Street, 4th Fl - New York, NY 10018-7529

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