ALRA Western Gathering.

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ALRA Western Gathering.

Post by Doc Mark » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:06 pm

Greetings, Gentlemen, and Ladies,

Our 7th ALRA Western Gathering will be upon us in just a few weeks time. As always, it is going to be held in Ogden, UT, at Fort BuenaVentura, and the dates are October 17-21, with early arrival possible for those that would like one more day to enjoy the camp. On tap, we have shooting, seminars, games for the kids, and many other things, including an ALRA Patriots meeting, and a specific day for our ALRA Trade Blanket event, where members may throw out a blanket with goods and accouterments that they wish to sell. Last year, I got two very nice Peter Gobel/GooseBay Workshops cook pots from one of our members on that day! Our Pot luck dinner will be held on Saturday afternoon, so plan on cooking up something good do share with everyone at the event! A row of wedge tents will be supplied by Gregg Hansen for those out of town folks that need a place to call home. if you have any questions, please give me a shout, (, or contact James Chandler, the UT LT (

Make your plans to be there, Friends, and join us for this always fun event! Take care, God Bless, and see you there!

Every Good Wish,
Doc Mark
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