ALRA Western Gathering Schedule of Events - 2011

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ALRA Western Gathering Schedule of Events - 2011

Post by Doc Mark » Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:21 am

Greetings, All,

It won't be long, now, and many of us will once again gathering at Fort BuenaVentura, Utah, for our 6th ALRA Western Gathering! I hope all of you can make plans to join us, as this year's event is shaping up to be a fine one, with lots of tap for attendees to enjoy! Here is our schedule of events, which covers most all of what's been planned. Some last minute changes might shift things around, but I'm thinking everything should work very well as we have scheduled it. My sincere thanks to everyone who stepped up to make our 2011 Western even better than it's already been!! Hope to see you there, and God Bless!

Every Good Wish,
Doc Mark
ALRA 224
Western Partisan

ALRA Western Gathering
Schedule of Events – 2011

Tuesday, October 11th

Early setup.

Wednesday, October 12th

Setup continues.

2 PM – 18th Century Skills Competition, Part 1
(Carl Miller and Cal Foreman)

Thursday, October 13th

10AM – Stage One of Shooting Contest
(Vern Graham)

2 PM – Seminar on Period Eyeglasses
(Doc Mark)

3:30 PM Youth Shooting Contest (If you have youth-sized firelocks, please bring them to loan)
(Vern Graham)

Friday, October 14th

10 AM – Stage Two of Shooting Contest
(Vern Graham)

2 PM – 18th Century Skills Competition, Part 2
(Carl Miller and Cal Foreman)

7 PM – Seminar on the 18th century horse scout we did in 2010
(Doc Mark, Ken Stanley, Wynn Ormand, James Chandler, Lynn Kalan, and James Stamper) (Doc’s camp)

Saturday, October 15th

10 AM – Stage Three of Shooting Contest
(Vern Graham)

1 PM - Basket Weaving Class, limited to 10 participants. Materials kindly provided by Gregg and Paula Hansen. Participants will leave with a nice 18th Century “Bum Basket”! 3 hours needed.
(Paula Hansen and Elizabeth Putnam)

1 PM – Bow Drill Class and Competition
(Vern Graham)

5 PM – Pot Luck Dinner, central camp.

“First Candle”, or when dark enough: Candle Shoot
(Doc Mark)

Sunday, October 16th

10 AM – Awards Ceremony in central camp, with prizes.

Top Shooter

Top Youth Shooter

Bow Drill Competition Winner

18th Century Skills Competition Winner

Best Pumpkin Winner
Enjoy visiting and spending time with family and friends!

Monday, October 17th

Event ends, camps struck, and we’re all homeward bound!!
Thanks for attending, and God Bless!
Doc Mark Rutledge – Western Partisan
The only thing that can never be taken away from you, is your honor. Cherish it, in yourself, and in others.

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