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Tom Embree has been kidnapped, for sure!

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:36 am
by Doc Mark
Greetings, All,

Well, our friend, Tom Embree, must have been kidnapped recently, and all those of us who were in attendance at our recent National Gathering are very worried about him. We know for a fact that he must have been kidnapped, because he promised to attend our Gathering and he was not there. So, there is no other explanation. Certainly, dastardly deeds have been done, or at the least, he was abducted by aliens in need of horrific scientific experimentation on a willing subject. In any case, Tom, where ever you are, we missed you at the Gathering, and hope that you can soon escape your captors and return to the safety of our company, Sir! We would bake you a cake with a file in it, to help expedite your escape, but feel certain that your captors, be they of this Mortal Coil, or from some far-off and frozen orb, would just eat the cake, and toss the file into their tool kits. So, you will have to rely on your own 18th century skills to make good your own release, my Friend! Best of luck to you, and may God Bless you in your endeavors!! ;) ;) Take care, and God Bless!

Every Good Wish,
ALRA #224
Western Partisan

Re: Tom Embree has been kidnapped, for sure!

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:20 pm
by Burke1777
May be the skunks got him ...